This Chinese startup will help you try on clothes online by 3D-scanning your body, and it just got funded

I recently decided it was time to upgrade my wardrobe – I’m pushing 30 and my closet was filled with altogether too many graphic tees. I do most of my shopping online, so that’s where I went to buy some new clothes. But, like millions before me, I encountered a problem: it’s impossible to tell how well clothes are going to fit me online. As a result, I’ve already had to order and return quite a few things in search of the perfect pair of pants.

A Chinese startup called Liangtishiyi – roughly: measure your body and try on clothes – wants to change all that, and it might just have a chance. The startup just nabbed an angel investment from Zhe Shang Venture Capital to build out its system, which lets you try on clothes virtually by building a 3D model of your body.

What Liangtishiyi has on offer now is pretty rough. Users can download a Windows-only program that functions a lot like the character creation tools in many video games: you drag sliders around to make your avatar the size and shape of your body (pictured below). From there, you can check out some of the limited clothing items available. The service will show how the clothes would look on your body, and offers advanced options like transparent mode (so you can see where your body is under the clothing) and pressure mode (so you can see which parts of your body the clothing will be resting on). If you like how it looks, you can then click through to buy the item of clothing in question.

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Text from: TECHINASIA, C. Custer  Mar 18, 2015

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