China Has Four Times As Many Trademarks In Force As Any Other Country

According to a recent report by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), China has almost four times as many trademarks in force as any other country, including the US and Japan: 7.2 million trademarks in force in China, compared with less than 2 million trademarks in any other country.

Moreover in 2013, China saw 1.8 million applications for trademark registration (mostly made by resident firms)—a 16% increase over 2012—versus 600,000 applications in the US. I don’t believe that companies would increasingly be investing their money and time in registering their trademarks if they did not believe there was value in protecting their intellectual property in this way. Good news for all businesses that this is becoming the mindset, and a reminder to all those doing business in China to register their own trademarks there as early as possible.

In agriculture, China has become one of the leading countries for registrations of new plant varieties, now second behind only the US. Even in Chinese agriculture, recognition of the value of IP is rising. In some ways, this is not surprising: as farms consolidate and industrialize, much more science is coming into their operation through better use of fertilizer, irrigation and seed.

Source: McKinsey & Company Greater China By Mc Kinsey |January 14, 2015|

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