Web Services

Integrated Chinese Online Marketing Services
At Sky In Company, we see all our services as being interrelated.
We believe that our holistic approach to Chinese online marketing will ensure you the greatest return on investment.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing involve

1) the creation of valuable content,

2) networking via social media and blogs, and

3) a give-and-receive SEO strategy. This is in contrast to purchasing ads, using paid search marketing or using low-value SEO link building tactics. The benefit of inbound marketing is a long-term increase in the equity of your website, your brand and your business. Read more.

Chinese Translation and Content Creation

Speak to your potential customers in their language.

Chinese Search Engine Optimization

Your future customers are already searching for you. Optimize for Chinese search engines, and they’ll find you.


Chinese Pay Per Click Marketing

Start quickly, receive highly targeted traffic and keep tight control of your campaign.


Chinese Social Media Marketing

Create a two-way conversation your customers. Enhance your brand.



Tell us what you’re goal is, and we’ll help you reach it. It’s that simple. We can plan and execute all of your marketing activities in China, from planning to website creation to ongoing marketing activities. Read more. Contact us and we’ll tell you which services we recommend for you.Read more:


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