China SEO Service

Chinese Search Engine Optimization Service
Optimize for Baidu and Google
Baidu is the clear market leader in the Chinese search market, with almost 4/5 of the market.
However, many Chinese Internet users see Google as the go-to source for information about the outside world.
If your business is not Chinese, Google can also be a very important source of traffic, in some cases providing even more traffic than Baidu.
SEO agencies that work mainly for domestic Chinese companies tend to focus on Baidu only. Plus, Google is several years ahead of Baidu in technology. Optimizing for Google now paves the way for further success with Baidu in the future.


  1. We write Chinese content that is optimized both for search engines and for people.
  2. We apply insights from pay per click campaigns to improve the SEO efforts.
  3. We run SEO and social efforts in conjunction, amplifying the effectiveness of both.

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