Chinese Brand Name Translation Service

Chinese Brand Name Translation Service

The Chinese translation of your brand name is of huge importance to any of your company’s Chinese marketing campaigns. Given the vast differences between the Chinese and Italian/English languages, “translating” a brand name is no easy task.

Literal translation

The words in a brand name are directly translated into Chinese resulting in a semantically accurate translation but a translation that is usually far from perfect when it comes to building brand recognition and identification.

Phonetic translation

The sounds of the Italian / English words are transliterated, meaning the translated Chinese brand name will sound as close as possible to the Italian / English brand name. This method makes for a good start, but there are usually tens or hundreds of choices available, and choosing one blindly sometimes brings disastrous results.

Completely new Chinese brand name

Another option is to create a completely new Chinese brand name. This is fine if your company plans to have a separate image in China, but there would be little synergy between your international and Chinese brands. There is simply no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for translating a brand name into Chinese.


We believe the most important part of translating a brand name

is to maintain as much of the “spirit” of the brand as possible.

The core aspects of the brand must be considered first and the words or sound of the brand can then be matched as closely as possible. We do this by very carefully considering the meaning of the English brand name, and then using a creative translation process to come up with the best Chinese brand name possible. Plus, as a company focused on digital marketing, we take care to consider how Internet user behavior and search engine optimization considerations affect brand name selection.

Case Study:

Company Name:

Italian Great Wines Tours

Literal translation:


An effective  translation


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