Chinese Inbound Marketing

How We Do Chinese Inbound Marketing

For us, the key functional areas are content creation, social media marketing and SEO. We use the business website as our home base, with social media profiles as key representatives on social media platforms

The initial planning process:

  • Create a website that is technically and structurally SEO-friendly.
  • Set branding guidelines for the business.
  • Plan content that will perform well on search engines and ‘kill it’ on social

The implementation process is a continuous cycle:

  • Interact with interested parties, including potential customers and partners.
  • Create fresh content.
  • Analyze results and make adjustments to our marketing and content creation tactics.

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing

The benefit of inbound marketing is a long-term increase in the equity of your website, your brand and your business. Inbound marketing creates:

  • Equity on search engines: Organic search engine traffic will increase. Search engines are constantly evolving to better serve the goal of letting people quickly find valuable content. A proper inbound marketing campaign does just that, so when the search engine algorithm is updated, the site won’t take a hit.
  • Equity on social media: Creating authentic relationships with people is the key to gaining a strong social media presence.
  • Equity in your brand: When consumers see your brand on the top of search engines and present on social media, they think you’re at the top of the industry. When they interact with you, you gain rapport. When you provide them valuable content, you gain their trust.

Think this type of marketing is for you? Contact us and let’s talk more.

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