Italian-English-Chinese Website Translation

Italian-English-Chinese Website Translation & Content Creation Service

The truth is, you don’t really need your website translated…

What you really want to do is sell to Chinese consumers. That’s what we’ll help you do!

 At Sky In Company, we go beyond translation.
Using your existing Italian/English-language marketing campaigns as inspiration, we will create Chinese content that will truly speak to your Chinese-reading target market.
We use the insight of people born and raised in China to write the best possible localized content and create the design to match

What type of Chinese is used in China?

The simple answer, and the answer you should know if you’re planning on marketing to Chinese consumers, is that the official language of China is Mandarin Chinese and it is written in “simplified” characters.

Simplified Mandarin Chinese is used all across Mainland China from the biggest cities to the rural areas. It is used for government and business, it is used in school and at work, and it is used on TV, print media, radio and the Internet.

There are over a billion people in the world and over 500 million Chinese Internet users that read this form of Chinese

The complete answer to the question above is a bit more complex.

Until the middle of the 20th century, “traditional” Chinese characters were used exclusively.

Simplified characters were then made standard for the mainland beginning in the ‘50s.

This resulted in simplified characters being used on the mainland while traditional characters continued to be used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Most Chinese communities abroad also use traditional characters although simplified characters are becoming more and more common.

We’re Different from Translation Agencies

We look at things a bit differently. Here are three ways we’re different from most Chinese translation agencies.

  • A focus on sales – While translators are typically focused on accuracy, our focus is on improving sales volumes.
  • Objective analysis – We are able to analyze the progress of a website over time, then make changes to the site to improve results. We typically gather data via customer feedback, social media and Google Analytics.
  • Digital experience – We can build webpages and websites from scratch or use your content management system.


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